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FS Tilton driveline package for 302/351 Ford

Jack Hidley

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All parts are new unused. The transmission in the photos below is probably sold and is NOT included in this package.




Tilton 52-502-1 magnesium ultra low ground clearance, reverse mount starter bell housing. Bolt pattern on engine side goes to a Ford 302/351. Bolt pattern on the transmission side is for a Chevy trans. The overall transmission depth is also designed for a Chevy length input shaft. Tilton appears to only make an aluminum version of this now. Bolts for both sides included.


Tilton 61-1503 hydraulic throwout bearing. 38mm diameter radius faced.


Tilton 51-653 102 tooth flywheel for 5.5" clutch. 3.8lbs total weight.


Tilton 2.1kW Super Starter. For package above. Comes with the correct 12 point bolts that allows it to be bolted to the above bell housing. Tilton supplies it with hardware that could never work.


All Tilton parts are new, unused.


Retail price of above Tilton parts is $2,100. Package sale for $1,100. Supply a 5.5" Tilton clutch and this is the lightest possible package made for a pushrod small block Ford V8.


Prices do not include shipping costs. Don't ask for a shipping quote. If you have to ask what shipping costs, you aren't old enough to buy any of this stuff.

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