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Howe ASA Chassis (Roller w/extras)

random hero

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I bought this chassis thinking I was going to send it to Woody in Florida and build a ST NASA car, using a new TA2 body, LS3 crate engine etc.... I've since changed directions, going GTS racing next year. Chassis was gone through, ALL holes welded up, new panels installed and powder-coated red, looks awesome! Located in Oklahoma City. I have 18+ hi-res photos I can email



-2000 model Howe ASA Chassis w/Halo reworked by Trans AM Shop in Atlanta Georgia to fit modern TA2 or Stock car style body. Chassis is squared up setup. Brand new pedal box installed, floor installed

-Full suspension (Howe a-arms, trailing arms (2 sets, new style and older/beefy setup

-Hubs, both front and rear

-Willwood brake setup, both front and rear

-Willwood brake bias

-Dry Break fuel filler

-Richmond quick change rear end (unsure on gear ratio, would likely need to be gone through)

-All new heims for suspension parts

-coilovers - unsure on brand, used for roller

-sweet steering rack, needs rebuilt

-4 basset chrome wheels, rough condition but great for backup or rains, weathered hoosiers, only used for roller

-battery tray

-brake duct flanges

-Fuel cell cradle freshly powder coated black

-steering column mount


Theres more, I have 8-10 boxes with odds-n-ins, basically it needs a motor/trans/wiring/gauges/fuel cell/pedals/seat and safety bits and your ready to go. These cars are incredibly quick, and inexpensive to operate! Bias ply Hoosiers are $700/set!


ASKING $4300 - email is best: wuckert135 at gmail.com



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