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Mustang Chassis Dyno For Sale


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We are selling our Mustang Chassis Dyno. It was purchased in 2011 for Nola Motorsports Park's speed shop however its hardly been used and just taking up space, so we are looking to sell it. It was originally purchased from mustangdyne.com for around $90,000. It is an awd model so you can run 2 or 4 wheel drive vehicles on it. It also has an adaptor that allows you to run motorcycles on it as well. Also included are the custom long ramps to help get low vehicles onto the dyno. All computer and hardware is included. It has low hours of uses and the hardware is in excellent shap however it does have a software issue that is preventing the Boost reference, OBD2 interface, and Speed pick up from working. We contacted Mustangdyne and they said repairs would run around $5,000 so keep that in mind when you make us an offer. We will be listing it for a buy now of $55,000 OBO. We will consider all reasonable offers. This would be a perfect dyno for a performance or race shop. The Dyno is sold with no warranty and shipping will have to be arranged by the buyer. If you have any questions, or would like to see more pictures, please contact me and Ill do my best to answer them.



The specs according to the manufactures website are:


MD-AWD-500 Series

Max Horsepower:

3,000 hp peak measurement capacity AWD mode

Max Absorption:

900-hp peak absorption (SE model)


Loading Device:

Air-cooled eddy current power absorber (model MDK-250)

Torque Measurement Device:

Strain Gauge Type Dynamic Load Cell. Provides closed loop control signal for dynamic vehicle loading.


2,152 lbs. (AWD MODE)


1,190 lbs. (2WD MODE)


Max Speed:

190 mph (2WD Mode)


175 mph (AWD Mode)



Closed Loop Digital Controller with Windows based PowerDyne Software. Includes Patented Virtual Road Simulation Technology (RST)


Precision machined and dynamically balanced, knurled rolls


Belted for bi-directional capability


12.625" (370.675 mm) diameter balanced rolls


31" (787.40 mm) face length


18" (457.00 mm) inner track width


80" (2032.00 mm) outer track width (98" optional -2489.20 mm)


88-118" standard wheelbase (longer wheelbase available)



Heavy-duty, industrial-fiber belt drive with mechanical disconnect

Roll Decelerator:

Allows vehicle deceleration without use of vehicle brakes. Eddy Current PAU used to decelerate rollers.

Air Requirements:

115 PSI, dry, regulated, oil free

Power Requirements:

115 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz, 15 Amps (computer)


230 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz, 40 Amps (dynamometer)


230 VAC, three phase, 60 Hz, 40 Amps (DE model)


Axle Weight:

6,000 lbs. maximum 1 axle

Shipping Weight:

9,000 lbs. (dynamometer weight only)


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