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Media Kit/Demographics


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Hello all. My name is Matt Strand and Im new to the NASA community. Coming over with my team from "those other guys" that I've seen referred to a few times on here. I was just curious if there was a media kit or member demographics study available somewhere? I've tried searching the forums amd website and yet to find anything.


Also, is it possible to have my work computer IP unblacklisted? This has been a pain to do through my phone lol

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I haven't seen such a thing, but contact the national office.


And I don't think it is your IP, I think it's the fact that anyone with 5 or fewer posts on here needs moderator approval of each one. We used to have a spam problem

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Thanks Jon I've talked with a couple of people who are getting them for me. If its not an issie i'll share them here for others for future reference. Also i tried to reply via my computer and phone on WiFi as mentioned previously and got this message


Your IP has been blocked because it is blacklisted. For details please see http://www.sorbs.net/lookup.shtml?

Your IP has been blocked because it is blacklisted. For details please see http://www.barracudacentral.org/lookups/ip-reputation?ip_address=

An entry on the blacklist may have several reasons:

1. You are a well-known spammer.

2. Last time a well-known spammer was using the dynamic IP address which you got from your ISP (Internet Service Provider), your e-mail address or the username you have choosen.

3. Your ISP is well-known for a lot of spamming customers and is not fighting against spammers enough.


I didnt do it i swear!

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