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Audi Motorsport B7 A4 FIA/SCCA Welded Pinned Caged


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Audi Motorsport B7 A4 Chassis FIA/SCCA welded pinned caged by Audi MS UK






For More Images - Please Contact Us!


Pace Amerian 24ft enclosed duel axel trailer with load leveling, ramp door, 12v/110v lighting - OPTIONAL (NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE)


1 new Mahle 1.8T engine with intake/exhaust manifold, modified exhaust manifold and assorted sensors


1 used Mahle 1.8T engine with intake/exhaust manifold, turbo and assorted sensors


Two race transmissions with assorted spare couplers


1 OE tranmission 01E-301-211-C


1 rear differential 4.11:1


1 fender 8E0-821-106-F


1 1K0-145-803-A


B7 Driver's Headlight


B7 Passenger Headlight


Pair of B7 Headlights


Filebox w/ Old Race Data


Assorted braided hose


4 clutch master cylinders


1 brake master cylinder


2 front stoptech calipers


2 rear stoptech calipers


Assorted caliper rebuild parts


5 axles


Assorted axle parts


2 power steering pumps


4 flow valves


1 "Adventure Cam" camera


Assorted mics and camera cables


Assorted camera clamps/fittings


Aerolatch hood pin latch kit


Energy suspension ARB bushings/mounts


Motor mount jigs


Assorted hardware/metal stock


Fuel pump w/ broken housing


Assorted fuel lines/filters


Control module w/ switch




Assorted transmission parts


Clutch slave cylinder


Assorted hardware


2 IHI turbochargers


1 IHI turbine housing


2 grill inserts 8E0-807-681-J


2 grill inserts 8E0-807-682-J


4 throttle cables


1 mirror


4 aluminum brake ducts


1 subframe attachment 8E0-599-287 K/L


1 8E0-807-272-A


1 8E0-807-271-A


2 pull cables w/ red handles


1 Setrab oil cooler 50-619-7612


1 set brake pads


4 "wero" mounts w/ replacement bushings


Assorted electronics and cables


2 bushing mounts


1 jig


4 pre-cut metal pieces for jig


C-dash display w/ cables for harness


Oil temp. sensor


Assorted switches/lights


Assorted brackets/hardware for harness


3 brake brackets


3 tie rod ends


2 ball joints


2 AD racing master cylinders 6P2623-91PRJ11S


4 Tilton racing bolt kits 95-032


Assorted heim joints, boots and hardware


Assorted S.S. line


Misc. bridge tubes


1 1K0-145-840-F


1 078-133-610-C


2 06F-129-627-G


1 1K0-145-770-K


1 1K0-145-770-P


Assorted charge pipes/silicone lines


1 06D-103-215


1 06D-145-778-C


1 8E0-145-790-G


1 8E0-145-737-Q


Assorted Hardware


1 8E0-133-356-D


2 B7 A4 Sidemount intercoolers


C-Dash wiring harness


1 C-Dash display


Assorted machined aluminum spacers


8 steering rack boots 7820-040-766


Holder assembly


1 power steering pump 1J0-422-154-J


2 rear toe links 8E0-501-529-K


2 upper suspension mounts 8E0-412-383-C


2 mounts 8E0-807-788-B


2 mounts 8E0-807-787-B


8 mounts 8E0-807-381-C


2 reflectors 8E0-945-071


2 reflectors 8E0-945-072


1 fitting 078-137-534-C


Bolts 4B3-121-200


1 mount 8E0-955-276-E


1 mount 8E0-955-775-E


4 M1.25x125 bumper bolts


3 pullies 038-145-255-B


1 2K0-821-439


1 8L4-831-720


1 box of self tapping screws


1 bumper insert 8E0-807-077-B


1 bumper insert 8E0-807-076-B


2 8E0-853-588


2 8E0-853-587


4 8E0-853-379


1 small damper 8E5-827-552-J


2 Cobalt brake pad sets CRB.XR3.DO44


2 Cobalt brake pad sets CRB.XR3.ALM4


2 Tilton racing clutches 66.002HORA/66-002U66


2 Performance Friction Brakes Brake pad sets 63.650.0961


2 used steering racks


1 left front upright


1 front upright


1 front upright


1 front upright


1 right front upright


1 front upright


1 front girll


1 right headlight


1 left headlight


1 left headlight


1 left headlight


1 pair of B6 taillights


Tire rack with 6 tires and four wheels with tires mounted


Assorted race radio gear


1 foam pad


1 intake box


3 mounts 8D0-399-107-S


2 mounts 8D0-399-108-AN


2 mounts 8E0-199-305-A


12 bushings


4 torque mounts


3 "wevo" mounts


2 Moroso radiator caps


2 DMC catch cans


1 electric fan


2 silicone hoses


1 aluminum pipe


5 aluminum intake pipes


1 8J0-853-651-A Y9B


Assorted OE and custom motor mounts


Modified upper race suspension mounts


Assorted bushing


Assorted OE taillight,covers,bulbs


Assorted shifter/linkage parts






Assorted gaskets/SS braided line






Assorted residential electrical components


Rain suits/wet gear


camera components


ITG air filter JC60/73


Assorted Alcon race caliper components


2 front fender inserts 8E0-857-507-B GRU


2 front fender inserts 8E0-857-508-B GRU


1 set brake pads Performance Friction Brakes 63.660.0372


1 set brake pads Performance Friction Brakes 63.660.0372


Assorted heim joints and spacers


Carbon Fiber kit


1 steering wheel


2 443-498-201-B


Clutch discs and bearings


Assorted oil coolers w/ pumps and oil lines


1 C-Dash w/ harness


Rubber hose with fittings


Assorted rubber hoses


Braided S.S. lines


1 electric fan


Assorted aero. and body parts


1 roll plastic sheathing


1 roll plastic sheathing


6 STaSIS logo plates and front grill insert


2 3" brake duct hoses


2 silicone hoses


1 8E0-839-912-M


1 8E0-837-911-L


1 8E0-837-912-L


1 8E0-837-911-M


1 8E0-837-912-M


13 damaged wheels


1 wheel w/ tire mounted


Assorted wiring, switches


Assorted suspension fittings, AIM system


Assorted springs


Assorted springs


Assorted springs


3 turbochargers


Assorted hoses and fittings


Roll cage jigs






Assorted tubing accessories


Sway bars


Steering Racks


Race chiller cooler with plumbing


Cooler with plumbing


Steering rack


Oil cooler




Catch can


Misc. jigs


2 Mahle fuel filers


Assorted braided hose


Carbon fiber air box


Aluminum piping


Catch can


Cooler suit


Assorted race team shirts


16 coil packs 8E0-905-115-E S3


3 Continental belts - 6K1120


1 timing belt 06B-109-119-A


Assorted wastegate springs


1 wastegate actuator


2 camshafts


4 gaskets 058-253-039-L


3 throttle bodies 06A-133-063-G


4 throttle body gaskets


Assorted fittings


1 dipstick


1 pulley 078-105-251-L


6 steering rack boots


2 upper suspension mounts


Hard line 8E0-317-821-AA


Hard line 4F0-317-817-A


Hard line 4F0-317-818-A


Hard line 8E0-317-822-A


2 bearings 01E-311-117


2 splined belts


4 plates 0A2-141-719


2 metal gaskets


5 bushings 4D0-411-327-J SB


1 belt cover 06B-109-108-B


1 oil housing 06A-115-417


8 A4 injectors


2 8D0-798-151


1 gasket 078 121-043-A


2 N-905-144-01


1 Tilton bolt pack 95-032


1 06D-103-121-B


Assorted hardware


5 assorted turbo inlet fittings


Assorted gaskets/bearings


3 wheel hubs 4B0-407-613-B


7 aftermarket bearings


2 Mann filter HU71916X


2 filters 06D-115-562


1 077-198-563


1 02E-305-051-C


12 016-409-399-B


2 01E-311-207


Solar panel and trailer lights


Fender 8E0-821-106-F


2 ITG air filters


Assorted aluminum piping


Assorted rubber hose


1 hardware box


4 doors


4 splitters


2 B6 doors


3 rear doors


1 left rear B7 door


1 right rear B7 door


3 front B7 doors


1 pair of B7 side skirts


1 left rear quarter panel 8E5-809-839-A


1 front grill insert


5 rear valences


1 driveshaft


3 plastic oil drain pans


1 roll of wire mesh


5 aluminum bumpers 8E0-807-313-L


1 078-103-604-H


2 boxed radiators


5 lead weights


3 core supports 8E0-805-594-E


2 front lower bumper covers


1 left front fender


1 dented right rear B7 door


1 trunk lid


3 windshields


1 carbon fiber center console


1 front intercooler


1 bucket of "racing lubricant"


1 upper door frame


1 green throttle cable


1 side skirt


4 door mouldings


1 left rear interior quarter panel 8E5-809-045-EB


1 subframe 8E0-803-104-F


1 side member 8E0-803-103-F


1 side member 8E0-803-104-F


1 B7 rear bumper chrome trim piece


1 set of door mouldings


Trim 8E5-853-346-E


2 trim pieces 8E5-853-701-GRU


Trim 8E0-853-7680A


Trim 8E0-853-767-A-2ZZ


Trim 8E0-853-766-A


Trim 8E0-853-765-A


2 trim pieces 8E5-853-709-A


Trim 8E0-837-479-E


2 trim pieces 8E0-853-986-B-7DL


Trim 8E5-853-710-A


3" hose


1 STaSIS front grill insert 8E0-807-287-D


4 foam wraps


1 differential cover 01R-525-137-C


Assorted silicone hose


1 GKN boot


1 metal brace 8E0-802-531


1 metal brace 8K0-505-219-C


1 metal brace 8K0-505-220-C


Carbon fiber mesh


1 bin of stickers


1 bin of large vinyls


2 sheets of aluminum


1 clear plastic sheet

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