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FS: TraqMate Data System

Gabe O.

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TraqMate Classic Data Acquisition System


Includes everything needed to start logging lap data: processing unit, display module, GPS antenna, cigarette lighter power supply, and optional cord to add rpm signal.


My co-driver and I use TraqMate in our Honda Challenge car and love it. The display module provides real time predictive lap time +/- delta which is invaluable for qualifying or time trials. The software is super easy to learn and will allow you play your lap back showing everything from lateral g's, g's under braking, vehicle speed, etc. The software can also display your theoretical best lap time to compiling all the best segments from you session showing you what your "perfect lap" would look like if you nailed every sector. You can also overlay laps, which is especially useful if you have someone else drive your car to see where the faster driver is making time on the other guy, or if you are testing out a particular part to see it's making a tangible difference.


I bought this for my other car, and since I'm putting it up for sale next month, I have no use for two of the same data acquisition systems. I can give you a demo of the software if you are on fence about buying this.


$380 + $15 for shipping + 3% paypal fees

Text if interested: 4 8 0 - 2 1 3 - 0 8 6 1



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