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1990 Championship Miata


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TC Design built 1990 Tub


Seam welded

Rear bulkhead

Blueprinted delrin bushings for no bind

Blueprinted hubs-2016

Blueprinted bearings-2016

Multiple ARB choices front and rear:


Racing beat


And a speedway front bar

Adjustable 949 endlinks

MCS non remote double adjustable dampers

Springs from 400lb-1000lbs to choose from

Sport brakes

G-Loc pads

Front air dam with under tray

APR GT-250 rear wing

Os Giken diff with 4.77 gears

New brake and clutch master cylinders-2016

New clutch slave cylinder-2016

New Starter-2016

New Battery-2016

Very light fiberglass hardtop with lexan

Racetech seat

Schroth belts

4 sets of Tire Rack 15x8 wheels 3x silver 1x black


MoTeC c125 dash with logging and I/O upgrade

10hz GPS

2000psi brake pressure sensor

VSS thru MoTeC for ECU


Life Racing F88RL ECU

DBW option enabled

Custom Mil Spec harness with firewall disconnect

Harness has revisions for DBW and VVT

On any engine package:

Oil pressure/temp

Water temp

Intake air temp

Baro sensor


Fuel pressure





Low Hour 1.8L engine non VVT

11:1 Supertech pistons

Manley H-beams

ACL race bearings (main, rod, thrust)

Boundary Stage 2 oil pump

Endyn CNC head

Supertech valves

Heavy duty springs

Stock cams

Adjustable cam gears

Raceland header

Custom exhaust

Squaretop intake manifold

Blueprinted throttle body

BHJ solid press on crank damper/trigger wheel

Can make 160+whp/140tq needs cams to be a solid 180-190whp


Low Hour 1.6 Race Engine

STOCK head ports and chambers

9.9:1 compression JE pistons

FP stock weight rods

ARP everywhere

2 custom intake cams different specs

1 custom exhaust cam

2 custom exhaust headers

Blueprinted throttle body

BHJ solid press on crank damper/trigger wheel

This is a race engine little more than SCCA FP little less than STL. Will not idle under 2000rpm.

With smaller cam and header it made 155/120. New cam/header package should make maybe 10hp?


Junkyard VVT 1.8

Stock from valve cover to oil pan

949 twin disk and light weight flywheel


Brand new Quaife Close Ratio 5 speed in a NB gearbox. This will work with any 1990-2005 miata. If in a early car needs to change to shifter.


Won all but one regional race it entered in 2016

Finished 2nd at 2016 NASA East Coast Nationals PTD

Finished 1st at 2016 NASA West Coast Nationals PTD

Finished 1st at 2016 NASA West Coast Nationals TTD


Adding cams or a turbo along with a splitter and bigger tires this car would continue to dominate the new NASA ST4.


In PTD trim detuned to 140whp/2200lbs usually

1:59.9 Thunderhill

1:50.8 Sonoma

1:41.5 MRLS

2:04.5 Buttonwillow 1ccw

2:00.0 Buttonwillow 25ccw



Price depends on what you want with it.

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