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94 Camaro CMC car For Sale


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94 Camaro CMC car For Sale

The time has come. I don't have the time these days to pursue this wonderful hobby any longer. The wife and I also have plans to build a home on some land we have had for many years. The money I have tied up in this car will help us realize those plans sooner. My back has also been causing me alot of problems lately and I just cannot spend the time needed in the garage these days.


94 Camaro chassis with 1.75"x.095" DOM cage. 3 row driver side door bars. Chassis has about 15 weekends on it. Built in 2010, first raced in 2011.

93 LT1 motor with 1 race day on rebuild. Makes perfect CMC power numbers. Painless wiring harness. Turn One power steering pump. Setrab oil cooler.

T56 trans - lots of internal upgrades.

Power steering rack just rebuilt by PSC. New from end to end.

Custom built rebuildable front hubs. No more sealed OEM hubs. These cost about $20 each to rebuild. Should go years between rebuilds.

Stop Tech brakes on front. Bilstien race shocks on all 4 corners.

Aluminum PHB and rear LCA's.

3.42 rear axle with Torsen T2R diff.

Full autometer guage set, no OEM gauges.


This car is as light as they come. Approx 2925 with no fuel and no driver.



Asking $10k.

Cage work will cost you $2500.

Paint will cost another $2500.

Rebuild costs for an LT1 are $1500.

Brakes cost $2500.

Your @ $8k there and you dont have a seat, guages, oil cooler, all suspension points on rodends (front and rear). New front A arms, labor to strip seam sealer from inside chassis and all legal weight reduction possible.

I have a 2nd core motor. A massive pile of fenders and other body parts. Complete rear hatch. Lots of brake and suspension spares. All legal 4th gen sway bars. Unknown # of wheels and tires.


Car needs a new window net, a set of new belts, an alignment and a dyno to be race ready.

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