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F/S 1984 Group 5 Racing Pantera Chassis


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For Sale - Original 1984 DeTomaso factory GT5 Pantera, chassis #9313, converted to full race Group 5 “tribute” or “re-creation”.






Far rarer than the factory DeTomaso Group 4 Panteras, there are only a few original Group 5 Panteras ever built. This “re-creation” has been designed and modified based on the originally homologated Sala-Williams Group 5 Pantera, chassis #001, as raced in Europe and the Hugh Kleinpeter IMSA GTX Pantera as raced in the USA.


Tube frame front/rear sections are integrated into full safety cage built beyond the original Gr 5 standards. Front/Rear composite body sections mount to tubular sub-frames for light weight and facilitating quick maintenance similar to the Sala-Williams Gr5 and Kleinpeter IMSA Panteras.


Full history and build pictures at http://www.gr5pantera.com. See also http://www.facebook.com/gr5pantera for additional info and pictures.


I am selling the car as a “rolling chassis”, but can tailor a complete package with drive-train depending on what class and regulations you may wish to run under. I can also have the car completed depending on the “options” selected. The chassis could be completed to match the intent of building a correct/legal Group 5 “recreation” or “tribute/clone”. Or it could easily be configured as a track-day car using a more modern engine and parts to race under a bit more liberal rules package.


Chassis includes:

- GT5 Molds for front/rear clips

- GT5 Molds for R/L doors

- Interior w/fire system, dual Sparco seats

- Never used, front mounted, Fuel Safe fuel cell


Options to complete the car available at additional cost include:

- 6L Elan LMP1 alum engine with carbon EFI intake – see http://www.gr5pantera.com/engines

- New Ford Racing 341 cu-in engine with Kinsler EFI and EFI Technologies ECU – see http://www.gr5pantera.com/engines

- (2) engines from ex-LeMans ADA racing Pantera (need rebuild)

- Motec ECU, Ignition Expander, relays and full chassis and engine wiring harnesses – see http://www.gr5pantera.com/electronics

- Original ZF gearbox & bellhousing

- (2) Polished stainless mufflers with custom mounts – see http://www.gr5pantera.com/gr-5-build-gallery

- (2) Willwood GN calipers and disks (new)

- (2) AP brake calipers

- (1) set of new Kodiak race wheels (will be built to your specs)

- Multiple other wheel/tire options including Gotti or Jongbloed wheels

- Set of molds to convert body to late model Pantera Si

- Many misc parts including: engine/trans mounts, sway bars, spare suspension parts, etc.


Aside from the original Sala Group 5 and Kleinpeter IMSA GTX, I believe this is the most modified race chassis while still being based on a production Pantera chassis. It goes far beyond the changes made for the much more common Group 4 racing Panteras (which are selling well into the 6-figure range) and with improved safety and performance. This Pantera provides a unique option to race alongside epic Gr 5 cars such as the Porsche 935 but at a fraction of the cost!


Located in Southern California. Price for the rolling chassis w/o drivetrain is $35,000 USD. Or please contact me to discuss pricing with any combination of options that may be of interest. Dave – [email protected]



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