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1984 944 GTS1 Kung Fu Panda For Sale


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$16,450.00 all spares included.


For sale is a 944 built and maintained by Motor Werks Racing near Atlanta, GA. Highlights of the overall build include the lightened bodywork, custom 2.5L engine, full weld-in cage, big brake kit, and MCS damper & coilover system.


Even driven by this knucklehead, the car was able to achieve multiple podium finishes and a NASA GTS1 track record at Road Atlanta (1:45.855 back in 2013). I’ve only driven the car in HPDEs lately, four HPDE events in 2015 and five in 2016, for ~90 hours on the engine since race-spec build. MWR replaced the rod bearings in Sep. 2015.


Or maybe you're thinking about GTS3/4? With the MCS’s, cage, and big brake kit already in place, this 944 could also be a good candidate for a 1.8t conversion similar to what others have already installed.



2.5L Motor Werks Racing engine (naturally aspirated)

Balanced Injectors

Camshaft with adjustable gear

Custom Head – CC & matched ported

Custom Ported Intake manifold

Baffled oil pan

Ceramic coated pistons & rod bearings & main bearings

High Flow Fuel Pump

Four into one header with V-Band full flow exhaust, etc.

Aluminum Flywheel

Sach Motorsports Clutch Kit

Oil Cooler



Custom MCS remote canister damper & coilover system, custom front swaybar, adj. rear swaybar, Delrin bushings

944 Ball joint kit - Performance / Track upgrade 17 mm Long Pin

Torsion bars removed & all Delrin suspension bushings

Adjustable camber plates

Bump steer kit, tie rod end (adjustable)

Modified spring plates



Many custom & fiberglass pieces, eg: fiberglass 944 hood, Spoiler, fenders, bumpers, lightweight mirrors, etc.; Sunroof Delete; Lexan windshield, rear hatch and side windows w/Z-clips; Power Options Delete; Height Adjustable Pedals

Weight ~2,485 lbs


Brakes: Wilwood 4-piston Big Brake Kit, front brake ducts

Gearbox: Short Stack gear box with short 5th gear

Limited-slip differential


Wheels & Tires:

8x Color Matched Phone Dial Wheels - 4x 15" and 4x 16"

16” Tires – 2x 225/50 R16 Hankook Ventus and 2x 245/40 R16 Hankook Ventus

15” Tires – 4x 225/50 R15 Hoosier R6


Safety & Convenience:

Full Weld in Cage with welded seat mount

OMP HTE Race Seat OMP-HA772

OMP Passenger Race Seat (not currently installed - located in spares)

Custom 2G "Cool Suit" Box - relocated to rear

SPA 3.5 Fire Suppression System

TraqMate w/input box, power to GoPro 2 box mounted on roll bar

Driver - Schroth Profi II 6 point harness - HANS- Black

Passenger 6 Point Harness

Removable Momo Steering Wheel & Hub Adaptor

Custom Kill switch, Tow Hook, Schroth window net

Helmet hook, Steering wheel hook

2x ECUs - 1x "Race," 1x "Performance"



Misc. cooling hoses

Brake pads

Misc. fuse relays, etc.

Fresh brake fluid

Engine oil

Car cover


Professionally maintained, to recently include:

(12/16): winterization incl. add fuel stabilizer, and put in climate-controlled storage, etc.

(11/16): R/R rear brake pads; replace pads w/performance set; bleed brakes & clutch; tension belts; clean air filter; replace rotor cap; replace MAF sensor

(09/16): Gear lube service; R/R front brake lines; bleed brakes and install stainless steel brake line; replace front control arms and hub assemblies.

...and much more.









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