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Nissan 350Z Parts


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Seller Name: Sergio B

Seller Location: Jackson Metro Area, MS

Seller contact info: Undiaf1 at yahoo dot com

Shipping Details: Can ship smaller parts, prefer pickup on the heavier parts but can also ship, will not ship engine.

Payment Accepted: Cash or Paypal


I can email pictures of whatever you're interested in. Just let me know through email or post on this thread.


(Prices shown do not include shipping and paypal fees):

-Lightly Used KW Clubsport Spec Z Coil overs and Spec Z Progress Sway Bars ($2200)

-Used Brembo Brake Calipers Set of 4 ($550)

-Used AASCO Aluminum Flywheel ($250)

-Brand New Set of Kosei K6R Wheels in 17X9 35mm Offset ($600 obo)

-Brand New OEM Front Wheel Bearings ($100 each)

-Nismo 22 Piece Suspension Bushing Set ($450 obo)

-Used Rear Suspension Subframe from G35 Coupe ($150 obo)

-Used RH Front Suspension Link Set of 3 ($100 obo)

-Used LH Front Suspension Link Set of 3 ($100 obo)

-Used Rear Suspension lower spring cup links ($60 obo)

-Left Rear Suspension Steel Links ($20 each)

-Left Rear Suspension Upper Aluminum Arm($40 obo)

-Right Rear Suspension Steel Links ($20 each)

-350Z 2006+ Brake Calipers with mounting brackets Set of 4 ($220 obo)

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