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FS: Electric Tow Dolly - super heavy duty - FL $500

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FS: Electric Tow Dolly - Fort Lauderdale FL - pickup only - $500.





I am selling a 4 wheel tow dolly with 1/2 HP electric motor. The dolly is relatively low profile and is meant to be anchored to your trailer to allow hand maneuver in tight spaces. It is extremely powerfull but only moves at slow walking speed. One control buttons allow to action the trailer electric brakes or the other allow reversal of the motor direction.


I used that dolly to push my trailer loaded with a 3,000lb car into my back alley carport. The alley was very tight and I literally had to make the trailer rotate on its own to make a 90 degree turn. No way to do it without that dolly. And to top if off this was with a dual axel trailex and my car on top. The dolly was able to drag the trailer even with the dual axel trailer resistance. then pull the car up a small sidewalk and into my carport.


The dolly has an adjustable handle bar so it can attach pretty far in the middle of the trailer for maximum grip and almost no overhang, so you can really put the trailer in the narrowest spot.

The handle bar also fold for storage. The construction is artisanal but very strong.


I paid $1,400 for it two years ago. it is in perfect condition. It was custom built by a guy in california. steel construction show some surface rust on some corners but engine and chain are spotless.


A great little tool for those parking their trailer in tight spaces.


I have a bunch of pics in this dorpbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0okjjjyr7032acv/AAB39bX7H0xHutVdOWkohgeya?dl=0

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