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Paintless Graphics - Affordable and Replaceable

Creative Media

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Creative Media

Let Creative Media help you stand out with cost effective graphics solutions for bikes, vehicles, trailers, helmets, toolboxes and pit items - Tons of options and generally more affordable than paint or airbrushing.


Graphics can be detailed without risk - when you bin it, the original design can be reprinted and reinstalled - no expensive repaint.

Its also great for people like me with a serious case of ADD - you can change up schemes when you get bored!


Racers - you will draw more attention to your sponsors or business advertising!


- Offering discounts to Racers and Trackday Groups -


Feel free to hit me up with any questions




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Very unclear to where you are located and what the costs are.


How sure are you about paint costs?

What are you offering the HPDE and racing community?

How do you propose installing wraps?

What are the costs for wraps installed (range)?

What are the costs for helmets?

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Creative Media

Hey guys - Creative media is located in Lehigh Valley, PA 18002 and we can ship graphics packages nationwide. You can tackle the install on your own or we can also partner with an installer in your area to make life easier for you. We will do the design work and forward that to an installation shop near you.


As compared to paint, vinyl wrapping offers the racer and small business several advantages over paint - admittedly if doing a solid body color with no graphics, sponsorship or advertising - painting is going to be less expensive. That's where it ends - with a wrap you are able to implement a level of detail, design and personalization that would cost several thousands to paint/ airbrush. When a new sponsor signs on, or crash damage requires panel replacement - a new wrap can be installed quickly and cheaply, as opposed to a complete repaint again costing a large sum. Wraps can also be installed as a partial graphics package to save expense on both paint and graphics when totaling the cost of a custom livery design.


The cost of a typical car wrap ranges depending on design complexity, vehicle installation complexity and base materials selected - it is best to reach out to us to ensure an accurate estimate. We do offer racers and trackday discount packages, along with discounts for new business accounts.


A helmet wrap generally runs $350 installed, again currently discounted down to ~ $250 for racers and trackday groups.


You can check us out on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Creative-Media-Design-Lehigh-Valley-Business-Signs-Advertising-and-Wraps-1804271926491163/

email: [email protected]


If anyone has any questions - feel free to give us a shout - we want to help you and your sponsors stand out and get the recognition you want!

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