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newbie - new car decision


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Hi Everyone, I could really use your help to make sure I'm not making a newbie mistake with a car that won't be suited to the NASA classifications. I run HPDE2 but am looking forward to getting to time trial driving or even racing. Thinking about getting a track/street car because I don't want to buy a dedicated tow vehicle. I was looking at a Lotus Elise for $35k, it stretches my budget but I've always wanted one. I'm worried that the mods it has will push it to a TT class where it won't be competitive (Note that I know that I won't be competitive for a long time, if ever). Here's the listing: http://inventory.starwoodmotors.com/web/used/Lotus-Elise-2006-Dallas-Texas/33225392/


Do you think these mods will push it to TT2 or TT1 or could it stay in TT3?


It has the following mods:

— Katana 2 Supercharger

— Forge Motorsport Radiator

— 5-point Schroth Racing harnesses

— LE1 HDSS ACT Racing Clutch & Lightweight Flywheel

— Cryogenically treated rotors, rebuilt calipers and Paid Black brake pads (rear are new)

— gPan Baffled Oil Pan

— SCC Rear Toe Link Brace Kit

— SCC Gear Shift Cable Replacement

— Hankook Slicks racing tires, Rota Wheels

— Tire trailer w/ toolbox

— Motul oil/brake/transmission fluids

Drivetrain upgrades (complete performance rebuild):

— Reline Engine Block Cylinders w/ Steel Sleeves

— Wiseco Piston Set

— Full Engine Gasket Set

— MWR Valves

— MWR Valve Springs

— MWR Titanium Valve Spring Retainers

— MWR Rod Bearing Set

— MWR Main Bearing Set

— ARP Head Stud Kit

— PPE CC Headers

— PPE CC Midpipe

— BOE Lotus Elise Exhaust

— Lotus Transmission Mount

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This car will need a dyno reclass being aftermarket forced induction. It's class will be based on its adjusted power to weight ratio. you could remove the supercharger, or reduce boost, to try to stay in lower classes. The TT calculator tool would be helpful in running a few scenarios. you'll want to know the WHP and would likely need to contact the seller.


what are you driving now?


There are other options out there that would be less expensive and easier to drive and repair. That said, I bet that car would be a blast.

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