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H4 Setup in Time Trial

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I'm going to be putting a B18B1 and LS transmission in my car over the winter and I plan on running H4 min weight of 2500 with me in the car to prep for wheel-to-wheel competition.


I just got signed off for TT in NASA NE and I'd like to know what the most probable class is for that setup.


A B18B1 in stock form makes 140 BHP and I would be running a header, exhaust, and intake-- good for maybe 10 HP above that. This would translate to roughly 120 to 130 WHP.


Thanks in advance.


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My H4 CRX ended up in TTE with a dyno reclass. Make sure you follow the instructions on how to do a dyno reclass unless a B18B1 comes stock in the chassis you are using. Hope that helps.

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