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FS: Dively 18' Open Trailer - DC/VA Area


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I am working on upgrading to a small enclosed which means this trailer must go. I bought it from a friend three years ago (jeez) and it's been passed around NASA Mid-Atlantic before that. At least three of us have owned it and it's towed a Foxbody, BMWs and Minis with ease. I've pulled it with a GMT800 Yukon, newish F150 and now newish Range Rover and it's smooth sailing on all counts.



  • 2006 Dively EconoTrailer
  • 18' closed deck
  • Steel construction
  • 3500 lb axles with 7k lb GVWR
  • All-LED lighting
  • Low-ish fenders (at least they seem that way, I can open my E36 door no problem)
  • White steel wheels including one spare
  • Stake pockets on the sides/front - you can use 2x4's and build sides easily. I used to have plywood side panels but had to pitch them in my last move. Helpful for moving mulch, furniture, etc.
  • Breakaway box/system



The trailer has been maintained by American Truck & Trailer in Manassas, VA and I have receipts of what they have done since I purchased it. The prior owner also used them for service so they've been working on it for at least six years if not more.

  • Tires replaced January 2017 - I believe they are Carlisle Sport Trail LH but can check this weekend. I've replaced tires every two years as insurance, never had a blowout (knocks furiously on wood). The spare tire was replaced when I bought the trailer in Spring 2015.
  • Brakes replaced January 2017
  • Shackles replaced January 2017 - they had ovaled out and were causing alignment issues, everything is straight now
  • Wheel bearings repacked January 2017
  • Wiring repaired as issues come up, have had zero problems the last couple of years. Replaced the main 7-pin plug/harness at the nose of the trailer as the original developed some sort of internal kink/short causing intermittent connections
  • I resprayed the whole trailer when I bought it, with black Rustoleum. It looks fine for being a basic steel trailer that my BMW has leaked all over.


The trailer has a pickup truck toolbox mounted to the front frame. Great to store straps, a floor jack, fluids, etc. with plenty of space.


I bolted a Pit Pal fuel jug holder to the front of the deck, which will hold two 5-gallon jugs. 


Location & Price:


$2200 OBO. Located in Northern Virginia (Alexandria). Can take better photos if anyone wants them. I am surprised that I even have this many photos of a slab of steel with wheels.










Some 2x4 and plywood can make it do this:



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I watch them for more important information, then go play bubble shooter because the knowledge presented is so fascinating. This fun ball-shooting game is appropriate for players of all ages.

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