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Greg G.

2018 ST/TT Car Classification Form Now Online! - 1-12-18

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Greg G.

The 2018 NASA Super Touring and Time Trial Car Classification Form (ST1-5/TT1-5) is now posted on the Forms/Rules page of the ST website. https://supertouring.nasaseries.com/forms-rules/

It will immediately be obvious to our competitors why this release took a little extra time, as we have completely revamped and automated the form that now does triple duty as an online car classifier tool, online car classification form that can be completed on a computer/tablet/smart phone, and also as a way to submit your Dyno sheets and Certification Forms along with your Car Classification Form into the NASA database, where it can be accessed by your regional ST Leader or TT Director. Additionally, once you submit your form, you will be sent an e-mail summary, along with a .pdf file of your completed form that includes a link to the Dyno files that you uploaded. Initially, competitors will be asked to print out the .pdf file and Dyno forms, and bring them to the track to submit to their ST Leader or TT Director, but the goal is to go paperless in the future. In large part, this will depend on the ability to get wireless Internet access at every track in the post-competition impound area.


Here are some more specific helpful hints on using the new form:

Once you click the "Car Classification Form" link on the ST website, a new page will open with the Classification Form. Choose the class that you desire to compete in. Note that if you choose ST5/TT5, that a different set of Modification Factors will be present than if you choose any of the other four classes. If you only want to use the form as a car classifier tool, and not to submit the form, go to the middle section, "Calculation of Adjusted Weight/Power Ratio (worksheet):". You can then use this part of the form to test out various modification combinations to see how they will affect your classing. You can even print out copies of these worksheets for your car build planning.


Once you are ready to complete the Car Classification Form and submit it, you will need to fill in all of the information boxes in the "Driver/Team and Car Information" section including your NASA membership number, AND you will need to upload your Dyno sheet and data table and Dyno Certification Form. The uploaded files can be .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg. So, if you don't have the ability to scan these documents into .pdf, you can take clear photos with your phone, and upload those. Once the form is complete, you click the "Preview Worksheet" button, and it takes you to the submission page. Check for errors, and hit the submit button. Once you get your e-mail from NASA, open the .pdf file and print it out. It will have a timestamp on the top indicating when you submitted the form to help with any potential questions by your competitors as to when the form was last updated. "No, he didn't change the form during the race when his crew realized that they may have less fuel weight than they had planned for...."


We hope that the new form helps to make things a bit easier for you and your regional leader/director. We realize that with any change in procedures, it takes some time for everyone to come up to speed, but the really nice thing about this form is that you can fill out the entire form on your phone in just a few minutes if needed. Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions for improvements here or e-mail them to me.


See you at COTA--September 13-16!

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nice, I like it!

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