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Help me understand the point of ST tire rules...


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Is the point of the rules to make performance (ie over lap time) similar between different makes of cars, or to balance the performance of products from different manufactures of the parts we put on our cars?


If it's #1 then it should be assumed that both chassis are using the stickiest compound of rubber that can be used in the class and both built to the maximum of the rules.


If it's #2 where we we're balancing the stuff like difference between tire manufacturers based on width and stickiness of compound, why stopping there? Why aren't there rules to balance out the different suspension choices? Different brake choices?


There are some glaring holes and issues in the rules at they sit currently that have really put me off from doing TT/ST racing this year where I can. For example is there any reason a bmw sedan should get a power bonus over it's coupe sister car? Why are is tire size being measure halfway up the tire sidewall vs at the contact patch? How is it that some cheap mods are banned in the name of "cost control" while the really expensive items that make the biggest difference to lap time are left unchecked to spending?


I do like some of the ideas that are in the class (such as points for awd, contact patch size for certain weights, no active aero), but so much of it often leaves me scratching my head and frustrated. I know i'm not the only one that feels this way. In the few years I've been competing with nasa (since 2014), never have I felt less enthused about the direction of TT and wanting to compete.

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It's always been a bit of a problem that one brand or model 245mm tire might be wider than another. I assume that this is the reason for the new direct measurement of the section width to define the tire size.



Does have a correction for large brakes, and does not allow aftermarket ABS.

It also has adjustments for the following suspension choices:

A arm/wishbone suspension

Modified/replaced control arms

External/piggy back reservoir shocks or large diameter shock shaft

Metallic/spherical bushings

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