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986 Porsche Boxster S w/ certified IMS bearing upgrade $3500

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Picked up a 986 Porsche Boxster S 3.2 at insurance auction (needed the transmission for a non-Porsche car project).


Upon arrival I have discovered the engine has a certified IMS bearing upgrade done by LNengineering.


IMS Retrofit S/N: IMSR12904


Spark plug removal shows engine in healthy condition.


Now I am thinking someone could make this into a good track/race/endurance car or make money parting it out.


I am offering the Boxster S car with IMS upgraded 3.2 engine (less the transmission system I needed - clutch and pressure plate are still on the engine).


Rear window is faded and has seen a homemade re-stitching.but otherwise exterior body work, lights, brake system etc. are in overall good physical condition (only one minor body work ding).


Photos available on request.


The keys, title and almost complete car can be yours for $3500 obo.


The car is only missing the transmission system and a new battery then it is a complete car again.


For more information on the IMS kits from LNEngieering visit:



The Boxster S chassis has 138k miles on it, however the engine is certified to have received the IMS bearing upgrade sometime in 2014.


You can validate the installation year using the IMS Retrofit S/N here: http://imsretrofit.com/ims-check/

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