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Rocky Mountain GTS

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The Rocky Mtn. Region of NASA just completed a great race/ TT/ DE weekend at Pueblo Motorsports Park which is a very fun little track. FYI, we had 13 GTS2 cars, 6 of which were Porsche Boxsters and 7 GTS3 cars. I've been pushing the local PCA spec boxster guys to race NASA more and it worked, generating badly needed revenue for the region and making for great racing with one 2.5L spec boxster adding front and rear aero and winning three of the four GTS2 races. I encourage the other regions to adopt this approach. It's a myth that SPBs cannot compete in GTS2. Although adding aero to an SPB is not hard it is a little more complicated and expensive than just running an SPB but simply by adding rear spacers and hoosiers an SPB can be competitive as one boxster took third in one race with those two simple adds. Regardless of any discussions on the SPB's competitiveness it adds to the fields, adds to the comraderie on race day and generates revenue for the regions. Looking forward to a great 2018 and especially Nationals! Wow, the GTS fields are going to be huge- and yes, alot of Boxsters will be there.

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