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New Racecraft RR Dropped Spindles for 79-04 Mustang


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I have what I believe are the last set of brand new Racecraft dropped Road Race spindles for a 79-04 Mustang, I believe many AIX Mustangs used these spindles over the years. Racecraft made 30 sets from what I was told, at the time I bought my set the folks at Racecraft said they were not making any more and that I got the last pair available.


If anyone is interested in buying them then call me at 647-608-5870 here in the Toronto area, or send me an e-mail (address below), I was going to Road Race my Fox Body Mustang but I bought an ASA Stock Car for road racing instead.


David Sim

Pickering, Ontario

[email protected]

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I was able to "buy" a production slot with Racecraft on a set of '96 drop spindles (with RoadRace option) but they were crazy expensive ($1400/pair).

That was probably about 3-4 years ago.

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Hi Marshall,

yes they are/were expensive, I bought mine in 2013 and they were $ 699.00 US (plus shipping and tax/duty here in Canada) for the pair, still have them brand new never used but have no use for them now.

Nicely made, little works of art indeed.

Take care, be happy.

New Parts - 003.JPG

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