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Can someone explain the difference between PT and ST?


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I have been through both rule books, and cannot for the life of me see the actual differences between ST and PT. I get that the formulas to determine class are different, but it seems that they are both fully caged / fire suppressed / etc race cars. Is there a fundamental difference in cost to play or something not obvious?


So why would someone choose one over the other? The root of the question is that I have a free BRZ donor car and I am trying to decide what to do with it.


Please type slowly and use small words




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The only difference is essential how fast your car can go.


ST1-5 is weight to hp with some different modifiers.


PTD-PTF are basically point based classes. Each car gets a starting class with some points. Every modification you can do gets points. Too many points, and you move to faster class.


BRZ is going to be ST4 or ST5 IIRC. Don't waste time building it through PT classing.


From fastest to slowest:


SU > ST1 > ST2 > ST3 > ST4 > ST5/PTD > PTE > PTF.


I think eventually there will only be ST (wt / hp) classes.

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