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"Prototype" vs. "Non-Production Vehicle" clarification

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In the rules, the definition of a "prototype" is very vague, and could have significant overlap with "Non-Production vehicles", which have vastly different mod factors.


Obviously, a LMP3, wolf, stohr, elan DP08, etc are prototypes


Obviously, a production corvette with tube frame conversions would be considered a non-production vehicle.


But what about everything else in between that has not been specifically called out in the list of mad factor vehicles?


For example, a factory five 818R

or an Ariel Atom

Or an old sports racer 2000 (in the 80's this was a prototype car, but it is nowhere near the aero sophistication of the modern prototypes)


Or, a custom tube frame car with custom fiberglass bodywork that I build in my garage? At what point does a custom built car go from being non-production to being a prototype? Does it have to do with the appearance? Aero features? number of seats? roof or no roof? etc.



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I see that this has been sitting with no response for nearly 2 weeks. On the bright side, there aren't a bunch of junk responses or unofficial opinions. That's a plus, right?


I'm not sure if Super Touring rules section 4.2 is helpful to you or not (because the TT rules now refer you there...you would probably not assume to do this), as it may or may not answer your question. In the event of the latter, please email National Director Greg Greenbaum directly with your inquiry (greg@nasa-tt.com).



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