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Will be joining TT soon, anyone help me on TT5 build?

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I will be joining TT later this year. I drive 2013 BRZ and am planing to build a TT5 car. I did go through TT5 rule but still got some questions. Hope I can get correct answers here.


- Can I run E85?

- I dynoed at 185 max HP on Mustang dyno, and I did the avg power calculation and it's about avg 170 hp. Does it sounds right? Cause it's a big difference. I will do DynoJet in few weeks.

- Can I use diffuser? My diffuser starts from rear lower control arm bracket.

- Can I use aftermarket LSD and drive shaft?

- Does BRZ apply for the -0.7 point for rear a arm? It sounds like a big penalty and nothing I can do about it. That suspension penalty seems apply to most modern cars.



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