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Boxster SPEC for SALE


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Are you looking for a great, practically new, all amenities, DE / TT / Club Race, car?

Look no further, keep reading this.

You have to agree that track cars are “wear items”. Everything is stressed way above the OEM’s intentions. So, you either buy a “used – used” track car and keep replacing components or you buy this “used – new” car and go driving.

 2016 PCA Club Racing Log Book, with all the proper components. Eligible for POC and NASA.

The car was built and campaigned by N. Richards and M. Essa, the parents of the SPB class.

Right at minimum weight, straight frame, all corners true, easy to corner-weigh and set-up.

Zero time engine with top rebuild by Essa Motorsports. (Available to you for more info)

New radiators and water hoses with center radiator. New larger oil cooler.

New 997 short-shift, new cable and all new factory hardware to the transmission.

Newly re-built transmission (3 events), new clutch and new pressure plate.

New PSS-9 and new springs (450/500). GT-3 lower control arms. TARETT front sway bar.

New slotted brake rotors. GT-3 front brake ducts. Additional new PAGID brake pads (in the box)

Two sets of wheels (square) one set staggered with tires. All freshly cleaned and painted.

New (sticker) set of TOYO RR, square. New (sticker) set of TOYO RA-1, staggered.

Custom LucasFab exhaust (98 dB @ Laguna Seca). Factory exhaust with all proper fittings.

Fire suppression system, four nozzles. Outside kill switch. Light-weight battery.

Two Halo seats with six-point belts. Driver’s: COBRA Sebring Pro-Fit. Driver window net.

TRAQMATE data system with two cameras, front and rear.

Driver comfort: Cool Suit (complete), helmet blower, driver blower (two ducts)

Asking price: $28,000. Do not outright dismiss. Consider all the new stuff you get.

Contact: [email protected]    text or call: 310-901-8154

Front left view.jpg

Front right view.jpg

Rear left view.jpg

Driver side bars.jpg

exhaust trani.jpg

Front suspension.jpg

Front trunk coolsuit.jpg

Interior topview.jpg

Interior close-up (1).jpg

Interior closeup (2).jpg

Interior pass side.jpg

tires new.jpg

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