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Used Expand FlagStand XL 250$ Free Shipping


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We are selling a used Expand Flagstand XL.

The Expand FlagStand XL is a stable, portable flag stand with a telescopic function, making it possible to vary the height up to 18' (5.5 m). The simple construction with very few loose parts allows simple transportation and makes the product fast to mount and set up.
  • Very few loose parts – fits into one box
  • Very fast to mount and set up 
  • Base uses cast iron plates (17lbs each)
  • Telescopic flag pole that reaches up to 18' (5.5 m)
  • Carefully selected materials to endure long outdoor use
Comes with:
1 Expand XL Base
1 Expand Telescopic flag pole + Bag
1 Expand Horizontal Flag mount + Bag
1 Top screw for mounting the horizontal flag mount to the telescopic flag pole
1 Telescopic flag pole hand screw
4 Cast Iron Plates that have a quick setup mechanism
7 Flag pole Flag clips
The flag required for the stand can be purchased with custom designs at Expands website.
Your Flag should be about 15' tall and have eyelets running down its seam for the flag clips to attach to.
If your flag doesn't have eyelets it should have Velcro straps that can be bound around the main telescopic pole instead.
$ Price New $: Up to 750$
$ Our Used Price $ : 250$  + Free  Shipping and Handling (100$ + to ship via USPS)
If you want to consider alternative stands check out our other flag stand listings.





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