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I have a series of questions regarding the NASA Prototype Series for 2019, 2020 seasons.

When is the Registration Deadline for the 2019 Season? 2020? Is it mandatory to compete in all events or can the teams select the events they wish to compete in?

Are there any Sponsorship conflicts with the title sponsors? Specifically, for example, would a manufacturer have issue with a distributor sponsoring a car?



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Im going to assume that you are asking about registering for an event? You can register as at the track in some regions. Most deadlines for registering online are during the week before the event, check with your local region for a specific day in which registration closes. For the Pacific and Atlantic series, its the same. 
On sponsors, I dont think there would be that many sponsors that could cause an issue. Shen an Email to [email protected] and give me the specifics of what you want to do so that I can get you down the right path! 

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