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2006 Porsche Cayman 3.6L RS1 built $60K

Eric Jones

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We are selling our fully sorted and professionally built Cayman Endurance/Sprint Race Car.  This car is built with all the best and reliable components, and to World Challenge or IMSA Continental race team quality.  The safety cage is full Chromoly tube with lots of additional bracing and seam welding to make the best stable and safe platform you can get.   The car was original spec’d for World challenge racing, but was later changed for Endurance racing.   The car was built for the NASA endurance series, but have not had the time to compete.  We did one 6-hour endurance after the fuel cell was completed, the car will go over three hours on a fuel load without stopping.  It is possible with a good crew and driver to change all four wheels and fill with a tower and change driver, in less than 1:45 seconds.  This is a huge advantage, super quick pit stops.  With all factory Porsche parts from either Porsche Motorsports or road cars, this is very reliable and fast racecar.   The engine is a New Porsche 997 3.6, larger than the factory Cayman S engine.  It has all the latest IMS updates.  This Porsche Cayman S started as a clean low mileage road car, no prior accident damage, comes with a clean Oregon title and SCCA Log Book.


The build list is as follows:


-Porsche Motorsport Cup Car 2-Piece Forged Control Arms ( Grand Am Spec )
-Porsche Motorsport Cup Car Steering Rack
-Porsche Motorsport Cup Car Front Tie Rods
-Porsche Motorsport Cup Car Rear Toe Kit
-Champion Motorsport Front Trailing Arm Kit
-Tarrett Rear Toe Locking Plate(s)
-Tarrett Front Bladed Sway Bar with Adjustable Drop Links
-Tarrett Rear Bladed Sway Bar with Adjustable Drop links
-Tarrett In cabin Sway Bar controls ( Front and Rear ) 
-MCS 2-Way Coilovers, just fully serviced, With Dry Breaks
-Tarrett Pillow mounts / Camber Plates ( Front and Rear ) 
-Eibach Springs ( Main Springs and Helpers ) 
-Genesis Spring Perches

-Numric shift risers 
-OS Giken LSD
-AASCO Lightwegiht Aluminum Flywheel
-Sachs Race Clutch and Pressure Plate
-RSS Clutch Stop
-RS1 Remote Clutch Bleeder Kit
-Wevo Motor Mount
-Wevo Transmission Mounts

-Porsche 3.6 Liter Motor ( only 11 total hours ) 
-EVOMSit Software ( 98 oct file ) 
-IPD Competition Plenum ( 82mm TB ) 
-Porsche 997 GT3 OEM TB
-Fabspeed Cold Air Intake
-A/C Delete
-Power Steering Removal
-BBI lightweight Crank pulley
-Fabspeed Race Headers

-Fabspeed Race Exhaust

-Quiet Scrubble packed Burns mufflers
-OEM 997.2 CUP Car Front Radiator
-CSF aluminum side radiators
-2010+ OEM 997 Cup Radiator Inlet Ducts

Safety& Interior
1 3/4 inch Chromoly Roll Cage
-OMP 6 point harness
-Roll bar padding
-OMP HTE Race Seat
-Sparco Sliders
-Brey Kraus Base Mounts, adjustable
-Planted Side Seat Mounts
-997 Cup Car Driver side Air Vent
-997 Cup Car Floor board

-997 Cup Electronic alloy fire suppression with 6 heads

-997 Cup Quick Release wheel

- Momo Steering wheel

-Cobalt Endurance pads ( Front and Rear ) 
-Stoptech Trophy Race Kit ( 380mm Front & 345mm Rear ) 
-997S Front Uprights to allow for 380mm Stoptech Kit
-OEM 997 GT3 Master Cylinder
-Motul RBF 660 Fluid
-Cup Car Brake Cooling Ducts
-996 GT2 Brake Booster

-Motec C125 Color Track kit with Logging
-Electronic Cut off switch / relay ( Interior and exterior cut off ) 
-Fuse Panel in cabin for all electronics

-Porsche Motorsport Cup Car Steering Rack with steering locks
-Porsche Motorsport Cup Car Power Steering Kit with all OEM Lines and fittings
MSI Studs and Nuts

Porsche Motorsport 997.2 Cup Car Front Bumper and Splitter
Porsche Motorsport 997.2 Cup Front Fenders with Flairs
Porsche Motorsport 997.2 Cup Front Hood with Naca Duct
Carbon Fiber Framed Doors
RS1 Uprights
Getty Wing Base
Getty Carbon Fiber 60inch Wing Blade
RS1 Lexan Side windows with Naca duct

Carbon Fiber rear deck lid with Lexan rear window with bracing

Custom windshield tabs


Endurance Modifications

997 GT3 Cup Front Bulk head with Cup mod bracing

Premier 125 liter 32Gallon fuel cell ,  This is a RSR Lemans spec style tank, with Carbon protection tray

6 internal scavenge fuel pumps and 2 external pumps with 1 gall reserve

Double dry break heads

Tilton external transmission oil Pump with Large Setrab transmission Oil cooler

All fuel lines are hard lines re routed for safety and cooler temperatures

Rear brake lines re routed for maximum cooling, no brake fade, like on other Cayman’s

Full 3m wrap

Air Jack system, all hard lined, very fast up and down.

External Clutch Bleed

Fuel pump out port and switch.

2 Sets of OZ lightweight forged racing wheels



This car is an Endurance podium car, and with easy reliability and cost savings from a Cup car, or any other fast Endurance racer.  You are going to save money in Brakes, Fuel and Tires with this platform, and still run with the top cars.  Over $200k invested in this build.


Eric Jones Motorsports

[email protected]





















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  • Eric Jones changed the title to 2006 Porsche Cayman 3.6L RS1 built $60K

This car is a great deal at this price! Fast, reliable and relatively inexpensive for a pro level endurance or sprint race car. RS1 in Florida spent $250K to build this car for the Grand Am series in 2006. They're still racing and willing to help with info on this car.


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