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Rookie plate


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I'm trying to get all these little thing finished. I've read that I need an Orange rookie plate on the back of my car. I did not see how big it needs to be or where I find one. I need it by Sunday because it will be my first day on the track with CMC,

Thanks Dave

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The orange plate is used for SCCA if I recall correctly. I put an X on my back window for my first 4 races. I'll check my CCR later tonight to be sure.


- Nick


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You can put a orange "R" on the back of your car(does not need to be on a plate)about the size of your rear numbers 6" tall.

See you there!

Tony Guaglione

CMC #55

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Tony's right. Its an "R" on the back about the size of your numbers according to my CCR. They don't mention color tho, but make it BRIGHT to be safe. You want the guy behind you to know


- N

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