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Sears Videos :)


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Thanks Tony.


They are a bit large for people on dialup connections. I could see about making them smaller, but the quality drops off quite a bit at that point. I can dub a version over to VHS if there's enough interest.


On a side note (this is one of the few times I figure I can write this, so I might as well enjoy it)


I looked to see if I had any footage of you in Sunday mornings race. I got a little bit of you at the start... in my REARVIEW MIRROR!


- Nick (Ok, I'm really in for it now



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Nick No luck for me down loading video, If you are not so busy this week make a tape and bring it to the deadfish for me. I will pay you If you are busy don`t worry about it.


thanks mike


ps it was fun racing with you.

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That's right Nick,I elected to start in the back! It was really fun chasing everyone since I found out I only had 221 hp...come to find out my throttle was opening 55% of the way,The secondaries never opened up so I was racing on a 2 barrel carb..now that is a handicap.

New dyno says 296hp,now thats more like it.

See you in my mirror next time!!


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Mike - what sort of error are you getting viewing the video?


I'll run a duplicate of the tape off. I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to make it to the deadfish this year, so shoot me your mail address to my email ([email protected]) and I'll send you a video tape up.


Tony - Suuuuure.. excuses excuses


- Nick #45

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