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Tony G

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I just posted the 2002 CMC A/I schedule on the CMC announcements section,so check it out for the dates.

Some notes:

We have nine races planned this year instead of the usual eight.This will give you a chance to make as many races as possible,yet having the ability to miss a few and still be in the top points.

We will have a minimum of three times on the track each day,with some events having four,depending on scheduling.

Points will be generated the same as last year,with the exception that we may be awarding points on qualifying positions also..more on that later.

We will also have the same points throw out system ,since it seemed to work out well last year.

We elected NOT to race at Sears Point in the begining of the year due to the construction and the shorter track configuration.

Thank You

Tony Guaglione

CMC Chief Director #55

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