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Please Read- Cal Speedway

Ryan F.

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As Tony had mentioned, there are currently only 5 CMC drivers registered for the event next weekend. It looks like we will have in excess of 10 American Iron cars and I hope we can get at least 10 CMC cars so we can put on a good show and mantain our own run group. If we do not have at least 20 cars combined I will be forced to mix run groups and that means you might have to run with Pro-7's/Spec-7's and we all know how fun that is. Please get your registrations done online by end of day tomorrow so I can properly plan to organize the race groups. I can only go off the registration list therefore go to http://www.nasaproracing.com and sign up. Please pass the word along to the other drivers. The CMC drivers currently registered are:


Don Campbell

paul middione

Nick Littleton

Nick Steel

Jeff Trask





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I just talked to Don Trask and he said the the following drivers were also coming:


Dave Wierick

Ben Pfaff

John Ducharme



That would make 10. Hope "The Bomb" is going to show, too. I can't wait!

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I registered last week, but apparently there was a problem as Ryan doesn't have me on the list. I'm sorting that out and I'll be there, so we'll have at least 11.

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