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CMC Ultimate Challenge...

Steve Graves1548534707

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Hi Y'all, Esse' #81 here. Sorry Per and I missed Sears. We were busy testing at B-Willow in the rain. They changed/widened the berms on the Esses and at the bottom of the small hill. Next year there's sure to be some great side-by-side racing now that there's room in those sections. The main reason for this message is to see if'n anyone is up for the Ultimate CMC Challenge. Yes, I'm talking about the 12-Hour at T-Hill! Surely there must be at least one Mustang out there willing to run with the #81 Camaro. Come on People, time to step up to the plate. Pull that cover off the car, throw on a set of full-treads, fill up the tank (10 or 12 times, that is...) and come keep us company. It's sure to be wet, cold and miserable, but Hey!!! What a Great way to promote the Series. See y'all Soon. Esse'#81CMC... P.S. Hi L.I.N.

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Lady.... 12 @ THill is on Friday the 6th and Sat the 7th.... Practice and Qualifing on Fri (heard there was going to be some night practice on Fri also..... then it's 9am till 9 pm on Sat.


PS I'm Bud that guy that bought that rainbow painted firebird #58 ... I met esse at BW wqhen I was shaken out some coweb... out of both the car and me. Got lucky as I didn't break either of us


Hope you guys see me out but now it looks like it will be after the holidays... to everyone I have already met thanks for making an old racer feel like he has a place to race again




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