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Good job CMC


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Many of you may not know me, but I drive the black #3 AI mustang. It has been a while since AI and CMC have run together. I would like to say I enjoy being out on the track with you guys. For the most part, you all are very courtious, at least to me, when I come up behind while battling intensly with a competitor. Some were in the way, but no gripes here. I had some serious competition this past weekend and with the help of you guys it was all kept very clean and no contact or screwing me out of position. I hope I didn't do that to any of you guys.


I personally think CMC and AI complement eachother showcasing production muscle cars with two different levels of preparation. It must be a great show to watch from the outside. Anyway, again, good job. Hopefully we'll see eachother again next season.


-Vageli Karas

#3 American Iron


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Hi Vageli, I enjoyed running with you AI guys at Sears this weekend! I especially enjoyed your burnout session at the end of the race to celebrate your victory! I am new to Sears and look forward to running there again. See you at the events we will do together next year. Everyone in our group is all a buzz about doing Fontana on the ALMS config. What fun that will be!

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