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2002 Seasons Final Points

Tony G

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There were 24 races this year and we counted 80% as this would yield 19 of your best finishes.

A big congratulations to Don Campbell who takes home the gold this year!!

Also, Nick Littleton was only 20 points behind to take 2nd place honors,followed by Nick Steel rounding out the top three.

Note:Slave for a day was included in these points as of 11/19/02.

Coming soon...Check out the seasons final race report for full details.



1)Campbell 1841

2)Littleton 1821

3)Steel 1793

4)D.Trask 1770

5)Morin 1424

6)Guaglione 1318

7)Robinson 1316

Pfaff 1306

9)Stowell 1178

10)Plum 1143

11)Donahoe 1114

12)Bergman 1048

13)Adams 987

14)Kincy 959

15)Ducharme 939

16)Santos 803

17)Little 800

18)Bullock 774

19)Graves 435

20)Gregory 336

21)Breitenbach/Lee 184

22)Heldin 178

23)Stone 175

24)Righetti 174

25)J. Trask 97

26)Midione 89





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Hi Tonio, Kudos to all for a great season! #81 will be at all events next year for sure. Per and I will be teaming up together. We're also doing the 12-Hour at T-Hill, and I was wondering if it would be possible to get a new windshield CMC banner sticker as I just replaced my windshield. (Bout Time). Also for the name stickers could we get ESSE' / HELLDIN? Thanks Esse' #81 CMC...

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