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A Christmas Stocking Wish List for CMC

Richard Pryor1548534703

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With the holidays coming up quickly and a new 2003 CMC season ready to start I've taken the liberty of putting together a "wish list" for the CMC entrants from 2002. Have fun.


GREG ROBINSON: a body shop sponsor and a GPS system to warn him of the proximity of other drivers intent upon dinging his gorgeous paint job


TONY GUAGULIONE: an engine shop sponsor and interchangeable decals that say MUSTANG/CAMARO depending upon the car he's racing


DON CAMPBELL: a sponsor to take him to another series so someone else has the opportunity to win a pole in 2003


NICK LITTLETON: 20 more points in 2003...what the heck, let's get him out of CMC too and into World Challenge...everyone kick in $5.


DON TRASK: an alarm clock so he won't sleep through pregrid for the race


MIKE ARMSTRONG: instead of giving Mike something, Santa is going to take away 1.0 degrees of negative camber from the Camaros


JULIE BERGMAN: another woman in the series (how about SSB champ Lynne Griffiths?) and an equal opportunity pin up in the next CMC newsletter


PAT STONE: a yellow flag pace car race situation...this time he's ready.


FRANK LITTLE: another one of Tony Guaglione's cast off race cars....at this rate Frank and Tony are going to have owned/sold half the cars on the starting grid


BEN PFAFF: a spell checker for his classified ads


PERRY KINCY: more time for both golf and racing and 300# less on his Camaro (jeez, Perry, that's good for a second a lap)


SAM STOWELL: does the SCMC stand for Super or Senior? If so about half the field could qualify. Any chance Grecian Formula will be a CMC series sponsor for 2003?


JASON SWINDLE: tow money to run more Northern California races


JEFF TRASK: lifting his self imposed exile and anger management classes


DAVID WEIRICH: a less successful business so he can have the time to come racing again


KEN GRONBERG: really retiring so he can come racing again "everytime I try to retire the Fed drops the discount rate and everyone wants to refinance"


DAVE MORIN: more races at Laguna Seca...he's really fast there


RICK SANTOS: a new Earl Scheib paint job (that car was white once, wasn't it Rick?)


GREG RIGHETTI: some new T top panels and a 2 for one paint job with Rick


JOHN DUCHARME: what could he possibly want, having won his first CMC races in 2002...OK, more wins in 2003


ESSE: finally sorting out his car...and discovering that "esse" really means Kemo Sabe and Per Heldin changes his name to Tonto


BUD FRANKLIN: a seat that fits properly and 2" lower ride height


JR LUSTER: a first year with no dents or dings




EVAN GINSBERG: a smokeless, odorless cigar and a tube of locktite


NICK STEEL: thanks from all of us for doing such a great job with the website


and, me, RICHARD PRYOR, I just want another year of having fun .


NASA: continued success with CMC the fastest growing class and the most fun.

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Hey Richard...

TONTO here..

where do you find all this time to do all this....Do you ever work ( oh yes you own the business)

And do you by chance have any more free brake pads around ( we will even take NEW ones)

We will go race the good old #81 at Thunderhill for 12 - hours and any free parts is much appreciated..


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