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New Dyno Service


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Happy holidays everyone,

There is a new roller dyno business in Suisun (Next to Fairfield along Hwy 80). I am currently trying to get us a CMC deal for those needing the Dyno cert for the 03 season. They have agreed to do the dyno cert, now I'm working on a price break. The business is Advanced Dyno Tech (ADT). I don't have the phone number, but I'll post it later.

Have a safe holiday


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If that does not work out then I still have the deal set up with Ralph at Hot Rod Heaven in South Sac. He's been doing a good job for us for the two years I have been in CMC, other than his being a bit more of a drive for Bay Area folks I think we should continue to give our business to him, at least for the locals here in the Sac area.

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Okay, I have the up-date. First I heard that Hot-Rod heaven is out of business. Not sure just got it through the grape vine. Second the ADT dyno service number is (707) 425-2966 (Dyno). Plan on about an hour. No price info yet. I'll post by the end of the month.

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Here's a new place here in the Sacramento area:


There is a new dyno (Dynojet) for checking rwhp in Orangevale. For $50 and no setup charge you can get 3 pulls. It is called Marco Automotive located at Greenback Lane and Main Ave. Phone 916-988-8105. They have been a Smog Test and Repair Station for 25 years that is branching out.


That's a good price! Yes, Hot Rod Heaven is out of business.

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OK here is the deal.I talked to Rick at MARCO and he will do a Dyno day for anyone who wants to get together.He will also meet with us on a Saturday.So let me know when you want to go if you are interested.

$50 for three pulls each.

This is 20 minutes from Sacramento

Marco Automotive

9401 Greenback Ln

Orangeville,Ca 95662

916 988-8105

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Okay heres the info.

The Dyno service is located in Suisun City Calif. Located off Hwy 12 about three miles off hwy 80. the business is conveniently located about 45 miles south of Sacramento. additionaly the business is located about 45 miles north of San Francisco. Advanced Dyno Tech will give you three pulls (the last reading your A/F ratio) Normally a $15 dollar additional charge. You do not need to show up with a group to get this rate. The cost for the three runs on the dyno-jet is $75 dollars. If four cars come together the price will go down (call for group price).

Advanced Dyno Tech

96 Railroad ave, suite B.

Suisun city (707) 425-3966

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