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Just a CMC update

Tony G

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Here is what we are working on.


1) Ron at AIM is working on our tire deal..more to come shortly.

2) The Schedule is also going well, but it's not done yet...look for some new fun places to race!

3) We are working on some rule updates/changes...almost done with it..but not quite yet.

4) My new Mustang is going to blow every Camaro's freaking doors off.

5) Hope you all have a great holiday,and I am really looking forward to 2003, as we have a ton of new things that are going to take place.


Merry Christmas!!


Tony Guaglione

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If you are planning on blowing off us Camaro guys, you better change some of those rules you're working on, otherwise you don't stand a chance. And isn't Church and CMC supposed to be separate under the Constitution? What's with this Merry Christmas salutation? Salaam aliackbar to you all. CMC 100 (can you believe it? 100 BB signups!)

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gee, was it that obvious...actually I've been wondering how many CMC cars are really out there...do you have a pretty good tally, Tony?...I just sold two more ex-SCCA cars that are going to be raced in CMC next year after the new owners go through the Thunderhill School...so you can add Jim Thompson and JR Luster to the list...I'm sure they'll be logging onto the BB soon...but I couldn't resist grabbing that #100 signup spot...happy holidays to all....Richard

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We have around 50 CMC cars built,and 30-40 that are ready for action at any given time.

I expect to see 20-30 cars at each CMC event this year.

We have at least 7 new drivers that will be attending our rookie status this year.

Side note...I don't need any advantages to kick your GM's (^#@%) off the track!!!


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So, the next logical step is to designate one race i 2003 as the SUPER CMC Race Weekend and try to get everyone even remotely with a CMC car to show up. How about the almost end-of-the-year race at Sears in October (if the 2003 is similar to 2002)? Is 40 cars a reasonable number if everyone starts planning now? I think so. How about it? I'll agree to do a weekend BBQ for everyone if so and toss in a free event T shirt for every entrant. Comments? Richard Pryor

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even moving at my snails pace if you give me that long I think I could commit to that weekend I mean Richard giving a BBQ and a free t-shirt that wort it right there. lets see first I have to get throught that school at T-hill so I can race and actually maybe get around the track acouple of times with you really fast guys ...giving up all that weight disadvantage around my beltline. and before I can go to the school of course i have got to get my car back together..... and so on and so on and so on.... Bud

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