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2003 Schedule is here!!

Tony G

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This is what I have for us this next year,subject to change ,but shouldn't.

I'm really excited about three things.

1)We are running with A/I AIX all year

2)Reno..a new race track!

3)Calif. Speedway,our season opens with the ALMS track!


1) March 7/ 9- Cal Speedway (CMC)

2) April 5/6, Thunderhill (CMC)

3) May 24/25, Willow (CMC)

4) June 28/29, Sears (CMC)

5) Aug 9/10, Reno (CMC)

6) Sept 6/7, Thunderhill (CMC)

7) Oct 18/19, Buttonwillow (CMC)

Nov 8/9, TBD,but probably Sears at this point.(CMC)



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Tony..great schedule and fantastic to be running CMC and AI together at all races, will be good exposure for us all..Not sure yet if I will be running CMC or AI in 2003 (most likelyCMC) -but looking forward to 2003.


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The way it looks will team up with Steve in the #81 car so we will be able to make it to all the races. CMC is for sure my primary goal for 2003. The #88 AI car is up for sale and if you know if anybody out there who is interested. I am so ready for the 2003 season to start.

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