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5 lug on 79-93 Mustangs and engine work


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Is it legal to switch to 5 lug on 79-93 Mustangs? Can one use the 94+ spindles to do so? Are the 99+ PBR dual piston calipers delivered on GTs legal for use on 79-93 Mustangs? I am going to have to change the spindles (currently 4cyl spindles) anyway to fit larger brakes, so I need to know what I can and can't use. What kind of wheels are those of you with Mustangs using?


Also, concerning headwork...

What valve angles are legal? Are multiangle or radius valve jobs legal? How about non-stock valves? Can the heads be surfaced any more than what is needed for cleanup (ie: 10-15 thou). How about the valve train (retainers, locks, springs)?



I understand blueprinting is not allowed. Can the engines be bored up to .030 over? What pistons are allowed? Can the rods be bushed for floating pins?


Can the heat (EGR?) crossover in the Edelbrock Performer intake be blocked off? What's the final word on carburator jetting? I am also assuming that it is OK for me to use the factory dual snorkle aircleaner setup. I see that the choke assemble can be removed, does this mean that the choke horn can be removed as well?


Oil Pan

Is baffling of the OEM oil pan allowed to prevernt the oil from climbing up the sides of the oil pan and uncovering the sump durring corner and braking?



Can ratios from a Camaro T5 be used in a Mustang T5?


Hopefully I can get my 1982 Mustang notchback completed sometime this next year and join you guys in the fun!




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You have some good questions here,but most of the answers are no.We are a stock class so engine mods are not allowed.Heads can be surfaced,and blocks can be bored.No valve changes.You can update your spindles and you can go to 5 lugs.Etc.

Call me and I can help you with your project.


Tony Guaglione

916 933-5750

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