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Tony W

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I've decided to buy 4th gen for my car,within two weeks I hope to decide on one.Finally saved enough! Theres alot more T-tops then hard tops.The thought of the air flow sounds good.But other than body flex(cage will help) What are the down falls of building a T-top? I know they are allowed with the addition of a extra roof bar added to the halo of the cage,Is this a problem to fix or easy?

I dont think I've seen a T-top CMC car. Should I consider a T-top?



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Hi Tony, I had a t-top CMC 3rd gen and would not recommend t-tops. First, as you pointed out, you want the added structural rigidity from the hard top, and second, creature comforts are to be considered. Since you have to run with the tops off, you get soaked in the rain and baked in the sun. Then you have to wear additional arm restraints running a t-top which are a pain in the butt! Personally I like some more metal between me and the ground in case of a roll-over.


I recommend holding out for a hard top car. See the "For sale" section on our CMC board here and I think you will find some CMC 4th gens for sale. This is a cheaper way to go than building your own.

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