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Steve and or per helldin 12 hr


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I never heard back from either of you guys, sorry but 1500 to run with you guys was just a little outta my chump change range... Thanks for coming down from the $2000 though Per. I have always known racing was expensive but the new full tread proxys were worth 700-800 and I knew we would have used them up and I think that over $2000 for the 1/4th ride in #81 using my new tires was better spent on getting my car ready for the season. I saw your AI car is still for sale, are you going to run it or pair up with Steve and run CMC? If either of you need a hand with anything I have a semi portable compressor and all the air tools, Per you probally have them too. Well if you need just some muscle or whatever. You two are almost the only ones in this area running. get back to me on how things went at T-Hill so I can torture myself as to what I missed. And believe me If I had had the spare couple of grand you wanted for me to drive with you ....and you could have got me the license like you said .... oh well hindsight is 20/20 I still probally put it in my own car and then maybe we could have done it in it next year. But I do wished I would have at least been there to help you in the pits. Seems something always comes up. Give me a call if you want I will help you in any way I can

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Sorry about the confusion..We blow up and finished last in the 12-hr race...If we could just turn that results sheet upside down we would have won..We just needed to go away and regroup..The AI car is still for sale...And #81 will be up for California Speedway..

And Bud, we are not dissin' you in any way..If you feel to bring car out to Willow Springs for the So.Cal Nasa opener Feb.8-9...Will be there to instruct..Hope to see you there..Or go to Sears and run with the No.Cal guys


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Thanks for the answer back I was begining to think you and steve might have moved or something .... I am trying to make sears pt in fact I am signing up for it tommorow ,...... but my 82 yr old mother in law is have Deep Brain Stimulation on Feb 3rd a brain surgery for Parkinson's at her age ...each to their own decision ...till i walk in those shoes... anyway had a talk with Tony last nite ... lucky guy he is in Hawaii right now..... and I will sign up and if I can't make if some terrible reason or if my wife needs my support then he said we would work it out. That is a licensing weekend so sears here I come although I still need to do so stuff to the bird I think she'll do ok... anyway sorry to hear about the 12 hr but at least you'll be fresh for the season. always gotta look for the positive .... See at the track

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