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CMC Cars in NASA 'Regular' Races?


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Which NASA class is the one that CMC cars can run in - on non-CMC weekends?


Since I'm in So. Cal., I doubt I'll be able to make the Reno and Thunderhill weekends, so on those weekends that NASA runs down here, which class would I be in?


Are the CMC cars competitive there, or is it like SCCA ITE (Vipers, ex WC , etc.)?

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I don't know of any other NASA race groups you could run with - when CMCers are not racing we do group 4 with NASA HPDEs. There is an SCCA class you could run in if you have an SCCA license or novice permit - they keep changing what they call their "catch all" class, someone else here will know!

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You can run in super unlimited, but depending on who shows up you may possibly be outclassed. Even so, track time is important and competing against faster cars will give you experience. Don't prevent yourself from doing that just because CMC is not there that weekend. Group 4 is an option as well, but it is far from what racing is like.

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