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Log Books and Annual Inspections


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Just a reminder and suggestion to everybody. As we are coming up on a new season we will try to get the annual inspection done on as many CMC and AI cars as possible at California Speedway.

As a Tech Inspector for Nasa LA region I am enforcing the Safety rules only and not interested in the legality issues for CMC.

For all racers please read the CCR and make sure you are legal before you get to the track. Will save time for everybody at the track. A few suggestions..

For annuals with log books: Check date on seat belt..No more than five years old (new belts is less than one tire)..If I see a car with outdated belts and new tires. You have two choices, get new belts or I will force you to use one old tire through the weekend !( I will pick which corner to put it on). Also make sure your fire extinguisher is properly charged.. Will check charge before annual is issued. Hey..spend the extra few bucks for a bigger one..Or a fire system.

And also...Current pictures of car in logbook please.. plus any issues from previous notes in logbook will be looked at and action will be taken if not taken care of.

For " newbies" that need logbooks or need logbooks updated, let me know as soon as possible so I can schedule enough time to get your car inspected. And PLEASE get and read the CCR before I issue a logbook. Common mistakes for new cars:

Seatbelts not correctly installed, Window net mounts not as per CCR, Main cutoff switch incorrectly wired, rollcage not to specs.


So..If any questions please to contact me so we will not have any issues once at the track..

I will enforce safety rules at the impound after the Saturday qualifying session..Please read CCR ..


Looking forward to seeing you all.

Per Helldin

CMC #81-AI#88

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I just adore your Swedish accent. Yes, it's even apparent in your emails. But aren't the best drivers *all* European???? Move over Michael Schumacher!


Race Groupie

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I am not sure I will be at track on friday. But should be enough time on Saturday to get tech done, do you already have a logbook with the car?

And have you removed all of Richards cheater parts from the car?


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Nope, no log book - I'll be needing one.


Regarding the alleged 'cheater' parts, he only told me about removing 4 spark plugs from the 500 hp motor before the car was on the dyno. As far as I know, that's the only thing I'm supposed to keep quiet about.




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We should be able to do Logbooks on Saturday.

Anybody else out there with a new car that needs a logbook,

Let me know so I know how many new cars we will have out there.

And I am surprised Richard did not tell you that the Engine in your car is actually a 388cu in...We will find out when we pump them in tech.

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Hey, I take umbrage at the allegations of cheater parts on the cars I build and sell....no way am I going to have cheater parts on those cars....they cost way to much and besides, I've got them all on my own car......have fun at Fontana...Richard

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Wow, this is starting to sound like the Grand Am Cup Series (www.grand-am.com) on the East Coast.... cheater parts, sneaky drivers, a tech guy with an accent. Next thing you'll be telling me is that we're all going to Daytona for the season opener in 2004. There's no place like I'm home!


Race Groupie


Team S.A.

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