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Cal speedway TESTING has changed..

Tony G

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Testing will still be open all day Friday the 7th for $199, but we also now have the choice for a half day from 1-5pm for $125.

Sign up at the same site as the registration at nasaproracing.com.

If you have already paid for the entire day but only test the half day,Ryan will take care of the difference.

Please register now if your going.I've talked with most of you and it looks like 17-19 cars.

Thanks,OK.. Back to my car to ADD some weight,thats right Nick I'm ADDING more just for you!


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How does the test session work...is everyone assigned to a group like a Nasa event, or is the track open and they just control the number of cars on the track? How much track time can one expect during a test day like this?

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Good questions.

I would think that its totally open all day as much as you want.

This is usually the case.

I will check and post if its any different.


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