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Awesome Buttonwillow Weekend!


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Thanks fellas - for a great weekend (as the CMC'rs always do ). I haven't had that much fun in a long time. Of course, finding 12 seconds a lap between Saturday's race and Sunday's practice didn't hurt either.


Each time I go out, I'm more glad to have joined the series.

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Had a great time racing with you Sunday and happy I finished ahead of you. In fact after the way our weekend went just happy to be in the race!

And I tell you..I am happy to be back at work to get some rest.



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No doubt that was freaking fun!

The car count was awesome too,and I think at Sears will see at least 25 cars....really I mean it.. 25 or more CMC cars!!


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So what happened?? Who won? Who kept up my tradition of off-roading? I got all sorts of stories to tell too...lots of mai tais, beaches, fish (no jokes about my new wife, Brad!) and a few helicopters.


Geez, you guys must have all gotten As in grammar! here's a , for ya

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Hey Al! We missed you! I decided to be the weekend gopher this time! There must be pounds of dirt in my car! I look forward to hearing all about your honeymoon with your wife Brad (now that's a surprise!) JK buddy!

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