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38' Enclosed Race Trailer


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I'm giving up on the big truck / big trailer thing. Too much money, too little ROI. Plus wife made me live up to my promise of sleeping in the damn thing instead of a Hotel. OK for a time or two, but I don't like camping.


It is 38'.

Has Onan gen. Just serviced

Two roof AC's (one needs a cover)(about $100)

Air Compressor was new when I bought it and still looks new.

Built in tool chest - big one.

Built in cabinets. Lots of storage.

Two winches. One for car. One overhead for ????

2-5/8" bulldog hitch

Awning was installed by Kurt at Janco.


When I bought it, I carried it to a local fab guy we use that builds/modifies trailers to go over it and bless it. He recognized the manufacturer. Did bearings and brakes. I have an extra heavy duty hub that goes with it - just in case. Also has a spare mounted inside.


Rubber is good. Pulls straight.




Located in North Texas.







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Big price drop.




Come get it. Quit screwing around. You know this is a killer deal.


Surf EBAY for enclosed race trailers and decide for yourself.

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Why won't you answer the question about what model and year?



maybe because it is a fairly old post, look at the date of his post


just my opinion

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