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2003 Championship Winning... 944-Spec car for sale!

Paul Bloomberg

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1983 944-Spec

Fresh motor w/88 924s pistons, new rings, rod bearings, ect....Technodyne head decked w/fresh valve job along with balanced /blueprinted injectors...even the motor mounts are low hrs.


The Mobile 1 is changed every other race!


Custom burned chip developed for this car... cold air intake flowing into the stock box w/K & N filter. The pumped air exits into Bursch headers w/ custom exhaust....


The external stuff....turbo "S" oil cooler....new radiator with the late model hard wired fans....water pump....belts....fuel filter....fuel pump.....hoses...wires ...plugs....cap...rotor...


Suspension...350lbs springs w/ adjustable perches....delrin and weltmiester bushings with fresh ball joints. Adjustable Koni's all the way around with Weltmiester swaybars front and rear...along with the 30MM torsion bars. The rotors have about 4-races with fresh Hawk Blues...


It has a rebiult LSD with 924S 5th gear! All ready to go with freshly packed CV's....new tight shifter.


The weight is 2415 with around a quarter tank. It has a bolt in Auto Power cage, Sparco seat, MOMO wheel, 5-point harness, kill switch, fire bottle and fresh window net that can be pulled from top or the bottom.


Spares package includes (what I can remember)

2-sets of cookie cutters so you always have competitve rubber!

Motronic CPU mod'd with socket and removable chip

Air fuel meter dyno tuned to match the above CPU/Motor

2-brand new control arms

front set of Hawk Blues

rear set of Hawk Blues

brand new windshield


turbo rear sway bar

Way too much stuff to list......




I hate to let this car go.... the 944-Spec class is a very fun competitive class but I want to try something different.....


13 podiums WITH 4 wins....so far in 2003




Paul Bloomberg

[email protected]

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This car is the 2003 Arizona region Championship winning car....run's 1:54:00 at Amp. I will accept a reasonable offer!

Load's of spares included!!!

Paul Bloomberg

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