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1988 Honda CRX Si ITA/HC-4


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· IT prepped Head (Shaved .015”, valve job, new valve guides, seals, gasket matched intake/exhaust ports, 1990 camshaft) – Less than 1 hour on head.

· Stock shortblock (190-198 compression in cylinders, 3-6% leakdown tested)

· Gasket matched intake manifold

· New headgasket, water pump, timing belt, cap/rotor, alternator belt, intake/exhaust/throttle body gaskets, valve cover gasket, cam seal, injector o-rings, upper/lower radiator hoses, throttle cable, spark plugs, spark plug wires, battery.

· DC Sports 4-2-1 header

· New 2.5” exhaust with new Dynomax resonator, turndown

· AEM intake w/ K&N filter (rain and cold air setups)

· Balanced/blueprinted injectors

· New B&M Fuel pressure regulator with new gauge

· custom catch tank for crank case breather

· 1990 OE ECU, socketed with 3 available chip programs ( stock, Mugen, RPT programs)

· Dyno tested at 121hp/113tq in 3 baseline runs on stock ECU program. More power is there, just need to experiment a bit. I have the dyno sheet.




· 98k street miles on transmission (shifts smooth, no grinds)


· New ATS 4.73:1 final drive

· New Exedy clutch disc, new OEM pressure plate, throw, release bearing

· New remanufactured flywheel

· New Axle, other is still good.

· Honda MTF fluid




· New Koni single adjustable shocks ( all 4 revalved, shortened front units)

· Ground Control coilovers

· New pairs of 500lbs, 650lbs and 750lbs springs (car currently has 500/650’s on)

· New Mugen rear trailing arm bushings

· New radius rod bearings

· New Prothane master bushing kit

· Suspension Techniques 22mm adjustable rear sway bar (currently not on car)

· Generic front strut bar

· 89-91 rear LCA’s

· Rear disc off 1990 CRX Si

· 14x7 Panasport wheels

· 205/55/14 Toyo RA-1’s ( less than 40 minutes of track time, originally shaved to 4/32nd)

· Stock CRX wheels (2 new Falken Azenis, 2 fairly new Nitto 450’s)




· New front/ rear rotors

· 90 CRX Si rear disc

· New front calipers

· New Hawk Blue front pads

· New OEM replacement rear pads

· Stainless front/rear brake lines

· New 90/91 CRX Si master cylinder

· New brake booster

· Motul 600 fluid




· Momo Nascar seat

· Momo seat rails

· New G-Force Cam-lock 5 point harness on the way

· Momo Top Power steering wheel

· New quick release from LTB Motorsports for steering wheel (brings wheel 2.5” closer to driver)

· New Sparco window net

· New M&R window net hardware

· New in-dash gauge panel (new Autometer Phantom Series 3 3/8” tach, 2 1/16” water temp gauge, 2 1/16” oil pressure gauge)

· New Moroso starter/ ignition and accessories switch panel

· Skunk2 shift knob

· Generic pedal covers

· 2.5lb fire extinguisher

· Sound dampening removed

· 8 point welded cage (fabricated by S-Car-Go Racing)

· Recent interior paint (black cage, grey interior)




· Recent Paint ( single stage, Championship White)

· Sparco hood pins

· Riveted sunroof panel




· To be SCCA/NASA legal, the car still needs a seat back brace, fuel test port and battery kill switch. Should be around $100-$150 for all these parts.

· Clutch makes a whining noise. Not exactly sure why, has new pilot and throw bearing as well as new disc and pressure plate. Still engages perfectly.

· Tachometer recently started bouncing around. I replaced the car/rotor but its still doing it. Most likely ignitor needs to be changed or possibly distributor itself. Isn’t a tach issue. The tach is brand new.

· When I say “New” I mean that the parts have an hour or less of track time. I bought the car as a rolling chassis and built it up from there with as many new parts as possible. None of the parts are cheap. Most were purchased from OPM Motorpsorts.



Currently taking offers, not looking to trade for another car. Must sell due to lack of weekend time due to new job and lack of funds to pursue this hobby.


Pictures can be seen at http://www.f20c.com/album67


Email address: [email protected]

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The car is still for sale. I need to get rid of it very soon. I just bought another street car and have no more time or room for this car.


First on with 6K cash takes it....

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