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2004 Haulmark 24' enclosed trailer, uprated axles


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I bought this new for $7,700.00 from a trailer place in Joliet, illinois. Drove up there and got it. It is a 04 Haulmark Thrifty Hauler, 24', Silver/Gray in colol with matching wheels with spare wheel/tire, lots of lights, very pretty. It has a ramp in back, a driver escape door, a bigger door on the other side, and the best part is the uprated axles.


instead of 4400 pound capacity like a standard thrifty hauler, this trailer has two axles that combine for a total of 12,000 pounds. Essential for the amount of tools and the AI car i hauled in it a few times. Maybe 6, over a year and a half. It mostly sits in my yard. I am selling it and getting a much smaller truck than the big Chevy i have now, and it won't anywhere near pull this thing (you need a 2500 HD or bigger), as i am going back to school, so i am reducing the amount of stuff i own/owe/have.


$4,800. That's a good price, come get it. Call me at work at 217-786-3010 ext 236 if you want it or want more info. I also have a pic of it up at


Thank you.


Springfield, Illinois

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